T - 30

Your Elegant and Efficient kitchen partner

It is built with an Automatic 360 Degree Faucet so you can cleanse and remove bacteria and Pesticides. It also has a separate kettle heater and coil sterilization. Generating upto 30 liters a day. A must-have in every kitchen. 

Product Features
Ambient and Hot water output
Coil heating for the kettle
Coil sterilization for warming
Auto sterilization
Option of Anti-oxidant rich Alkaline water filtration as an add-on
360-degree rotating faucet
Glass top touch screen
External water addition and filtration
Air purification


Product Specification
Capacity 30L/24hrs*
Storage 12L
Power Rating 300 W*
Heating Wattage 1350W
Disinfection Wattage 800W
Total Wattage 1650 W
Voltage 220/110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Temp 15-40°C
Working Humidity 30% - 95%
Hot Water 75-96°C
Antioxidant Alkaline Water
Dimension 40*40*90cm
Weight 46kg

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