E - 15

The E-15 A fabrication perfect for a small family.

Convenient and comfortable purifier designed to bring health and aesthetics to your family and home. A table top model with 8liters of auto sterilized, antioxidant rich water.

Product Features
Table Top
Ambient water output
Auto sterilization
Option of Anti-oxidant rich Alkaline water filtration as an add-on
Air purification
Intuitive LCD Display



Product Specification
Capacity 15L/24hrs*
Storage 8L
Power Rating 400 W*
Cold & Hot Wattage Nil
Total Wattage 430 W
Voltage 220/110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Temp 15-40°C
Working Humidity 30% - 95%
Dimension 45*44*56cm
Weight 36kg

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